New London Ultra Low Emission Zone

The first phase of the ULEZ comes into force in April, affecting deliveries in the current Congestion Charging area. Vehicles entering specific postcodes will be required to pay an extra charge, which means that APC deliveries to those areas will be subject to a 75p surcharge. ULEZ zones are in force 24/7. ... Read More

New Economy Remote Pick-Up Service

Many people find it extremely useful to be able to book a collection from their customers using APC's Remote Pick-Up service – with the choice of delivery to the company making the booking or to a third party. ... Read More

New APC PinPoint shows real-time tracking

Expecting a delivery? Now you can check exactly where your parcel is with the new APC tracking facility PinPoint. Regular updates mean that the map will PinPoint the delivery driver's current stop, show how far away they are and give you an estimated delivery time. ... Read More