Calculate the volumetric weight of your package

Your shipment costs will be calculated on weight and/or size.

For lightweight shipments the volumetric weight will be charged if this exceeds the actual weight (in kilograms).

To calculate the volumetric weight, enter the width, height and depth of your package (in centimetres) in the fields below and press the Calculate button.

By Road and By Air volumetric weights use a different conversion factor. Please select the one that is relevant to your requirements.

Width Height Depth Volume (cm³) Volumetric
Weight (x6000)
× × =  
Width Height Depth Volume (cm³) Volumetric
Weight (x5000)
× × =  

Use these forms if you need to convert lbs to kg or feet and inches to cms.

lbs kg ft in cms
= =

Please call us if you need help or advice on calculating the volumetric weight.
Remember to have your dimensions to hand.