Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I open an account with Delivered?
A. Opening an account with Delivered is quick and simple – just follow this link and your account can be ready to use in 20 minutes.
Q. Is my consignment insured?
A. Our inclusive rates of insurance for goods not classed as carried at owner’s risk are as follows:  
    • APC Overnight consignments are insured up to a maximum of £100 for parcel consignments and a maximum of £50 for bag and lightweight services.
     • Pallet deliveries are insured at a rate of £5,000 / tonne
 For both the above services, Full Value Cover can be arranged on request.


Q. I need to send an overnight parcel, but I haven’t got an account with Delivered. Can I pay by credit card?
A. Certainly – that’s no problem. We also accept payment by cash or cheque for non-account holders. Alternatively, if you’d like an account, it’s very simple to set up and can be ready to use in 20 minutes! Just click here for details.
Q. Can I have an overnight collection made from a remote address and returned to our company?
A. No problem. Remote collections can be made from anywhere in the UK.
Q. What’s the largest/heaviest item I can send through the overnight service?
A. For parcels, generally, a limit of 30kg per item applies, but we can arrange delivery of heavier items. APC apply a surcharge over 25kg, but can take parcels up to a maximum weight of 50kg. Maximum weight for pallets is 1250 kg.


Q. Will you be able to palletise my goods for me?
A. Absolutely. Once the goods are back at Delivered we can ensure that they are correctly packaged for despatch and, if need be, arrange repackaging as required.
Q. Can you collect from my supplier in Manchester and deliver to my customer in Bristol?
A. TPN Delivered’s Pallet Service can collect on your behalf from anywhere in the country, and deliver overnight back to you, or a third party address.


Q. Where can you deliver to?
A. Anywhere in the world!
Q. I need to ship a consignment to Jersey. Are the Channel Islands part of the EU?
A. Not currently - please see the following question for a full list of EU member states.
Q. I see there are different regulations for shipping to countries outside the EU. With all the recent changes, can you confirm which countries are now members?
A. Here are the current EU member states:
Austria Estonia Hungary Luxembourg Slovakia
Belgium Finland Ireland Malta Slovenia
Cyprus France Italy Netherlands Spain
Czech Republic Germany Latvia Poland Sweden
Denmark Greece Lithuania Portugal United Kingdom